The Late Republic (133 BC - 44 BC)

Welcome to the crazy, insane world of the Late Republic!  For those of you unfamiliar with this time,
here are the main players:

                              Gaius Marius                     Lucius Cornelius Sulla                     Julius Caesar                 Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

Follow each of these characters through this 10 epidode soap opera of Classical Proportions!

Episodes:    Marius and Sulla
                  Caesar and the Pirates
                  In Catilinam
                  The Consulship of Julius and Caesar
                  de bello Gallico
                  Milo and Clodius
                  Civil War Part I
                  Civil War Part II
                  The Ides of March

All 10 episodes and entirety of play written by Patrick Yaggy

Additional credit should be given to Colleen McCullough and her Masters of Rome book series as well as Christian Meier's authoritative biography Caesar, both of which sparked a huge amount of imagination and an impetus for undertaking such a work.

The Twelve Tables

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