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AP Aeneid Websites

Latin Text from The Latin Library      English Translation      Aeneid Study Guide

Available on iTunes: Introduction to the Aeneid by Susanna Braund/Stanford University (Search iTunes U for Stanford University/Arts and Humanities); Discussion of Aeneid (under "Literature of Crisis")

Roman History and Culture Sites

  Anything you'd ever want about Roman culture    Beautiful Models/Reproductions of Rome

A very thorough site      Great site with links to other Latin web sites

Available on iTunes: Series on Hannibal; The History of Rome by Mike Duncan; UC Berkley's Roman History; Roman Art from Louvre

Latin Websites

The Ultimate Latin Dictionary Downloadable Offline Version Available - Click Here

The Latin Library Find any Latin Text here

Available on iTunes: Latinum (language series from London)

Latina Vivit!/Latin Lives!

LATINE!      Nuntii Latini (The weekly news in Latin!!)    Daily News in Latin

Gladiator Script in Latin   Septimana Latina ("This Week in Latin" Blog)

Mythology Websites

Winged Sandals      

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