Latin Club Activities

Just a few of the things we do in the BASIS Tucson North Junior Classical League 
Latin Convention
Fall Forum Certamen Academic


The best weekend of the year is in March!  If you are a Latin student, you need to be at the AZJCL Convention!  Race a chariot, make some art, give a speech, conquer certamen, or ace some tests.  

But whatever you do, LOVE Latin!

The AZJCL Calendar starts with a fall gathering of its chapters at the school of its current president.  It may be just one day, but that day is jam-packed with every way to show how much our Latin students know . . . 

and how much they LOVE Latin!

Certamen is a game that rewards knowledge of all things Latin and Roman and speed... it is like Classical Quiz Bowl!  

Our certamen players LOVE Latin!

We love to show off what we know!
National Latin Exam
Medusa Mythology Exam
National Classical Etymology Exam
National Roman Civilization Exam​
SCRIBO Creative Writing Contest
Fox Classics Writing Contest
CAMWS Translation Contest
Vergilian Society Translation Contest
Whether we are watching Hercules and eating ice cream, celebrating Saturnalia, commemorating the destruction of Pompeii with a Vesuvius cake, or going toga bowling, BTN JCL knows how to party!