Student Achievements and Awards

2017 Ides of March Certamen Tournament
2nd place (Advanced) - Christian B., Emily G., Ryan L.

Medusa Mythology Exam
Silver Medal - Emily G.
Corona Olivae - Virginia W., Chloe G., Johnathon H., and Kamryn C.

National Classical Etymology Exam
Gold Medal - Mikayla M.
Silver Medals - David H., Ryan L.
Bronze Medals - Christian B., Jennah G., Emily G., Hannah L.

2016 Fall Forum
Christian B. - 1st Place, History Exam; 1st Place, Mythology Exam
2nd Place - Volleyball
3rd Place - Ultimate Frisbee
4th Place - Tug-of-War

Walton Certamen Tournament
3rd Place (Intermediate level) - Christian B., Kamryn C., Faith J.

Eastside Certamen Tournament
1st Place, Individual Toss Up (Intermediate) - Christian B.

2016 GHP State Nominee
Christian B.

2015-2016 AP Latin Results
6 APLAT students earned a combined $6000 in tuition and 40 hours of college credit (per UGA credit equivalency

2016-2017 DHS JCL Officers
President - Emilee B.
Vice President - David H.
Secretary - Christian B.
Historian - Hannah L.
Spirit and Publicity Princeps - Mikayla M.

2015-2016 Latinitas Competition Champion - Emily G.  See the full results here

2016 GJCL State Convention Results - 2nd place in Total Points!

2016 National Latin Exam Results - 74 awards, including a Perfect Paper!

2016 National Latin Vocabulary Exam (NLVE)
GOLD Medal - Emily G.
SILVER Medals - Zergham A., Eric L., Drew W.

2016 National Roman Civilization Exam (NRCE)
GOLD Medals - Zergham A., Emily G., David H., Ryan L.
BRONZE Medal - Miranda M.

2015-2016 National Latin Honor Society Inductees
Bukola A., Haikal C., Thomas C., Kody E., Ryan F., David H., Patrick K., Ryan L., Eric L., Hannah L.
Mikayla M., Jennifer R., Sarah R., Graham S., Kyle T., Saku T., LeDajah W.

2015 Medusa Mythology Exam
Corona Olivae - Emily G.

Mid-Year Latinitas Award Winners
Latin I - Christian B.
Latin II - Eric L.
Latin III - Zergham A.
Advanced - Alan B.

2016 Parkview Lupercalia Certamen Tournament
David H. - 4th place, individual points (intermediate level)

2015 National Classical Etymology Exam (NCEE)

Gold Medal
Mikayla M.

Silver Medals
Eric L.
Jennah G.
Emily G.
David H.

Bronze Medals
Alan B.
Zergham A.
Ryan F.
Miranda M.
Lee H.
Ryan L.

2015 Eastside Certamen Tournament
Christian B. - 4th place, individual performance (novice level)
​David H. - 4th place, individual performance (intermediate level)

2015 County GHP Candidates
Zergham A.
Eric L.
Jennifer R.

2015-2016 DHS JCL Officers
President - Alan B.
Vice President - Eric L.
Secretary - David H.
Historian - Hannah L.
Spirit and Publicity Princeps - Mikayla M.

2014-2015 Latinitas Competition Champion - Douglas S.  See the full results here

2015 NJCL Creative Writing Contest
Douglas Stewart - 1st place (12th grade)

2015 Medusa Mythology Exam
Corona Laurea - Emily G.
Corona Olivae - Kevin B.

2015 NJCL National Latin Vocabulary Exam
Gold Medal - Mikayla M.
Silver Medals - David H., Ryan L., Eric L., Kevin B.

2015 NJCL National Classical Civilization Exam
Silver Medals - Kevin B., David H.
Bronze Medals - Sam F., Douglas S., Zergham A., Ryan L.

Click here for the 2015 GJCL Convention Results - 1st in Spirit, 3rd in Total Points!

Click here for the 2015 National Latin Exam Results - 79 Awards!

2015 Lupercalia Certamen Tournament
2nd Place - Novice "A" Team (David H., Djavon B., Emily G., Mikayla M.)

2014 National Classical Etymology Exam
Jordan C.
Cameron M.

Aura B.
Kevin B.
Foli A.
Douglas S.

Zergham A.
Ryan L.
Jordan M.
Alan B.
Madison R.

2014-2015 National Latin Honor Society Inductees
Zergham A., Maureen E., Jenny F., Kendall H., Kamilah H., Kayla H., Shanelle J., Hannah J.,
Jamia L., Aly L., Miranda M., E'majah P., Joe R., Jan S., Drew W.

2014-2015 Mid-Year Latinitas Award Winners
Latin I - David H.
Latin II - Aura B.
Latin III - Jordan M.
Advanced Latin - Douglas S.

2001-2014 North Gwinnett High School
$57k in college credit earned (202 credit hours)
 from AP Students in 2014 (17 of 22 earned a "4" or "5")
15 Governor's Honors Program (GHP) Participants

1289 National Latin Exam (NLE) Awards  
379 NLE Gold Medals   
34 NLE Perfect Papers   
18 NLE Book Awards
92 NJCL Etymology Exam Awards  
41 NJCL Civilization Exam Awards
6 CAMWS Translation Exam Awards  
16 Medusa Mythology Exam Awards

558 GJCL State Latin Convention Awards  
10 Certamen Championships   

2013-2014 Latinitas Competition Champion - Connor O.  See the full results here

Click Here for our 2014 GJCL Convention Results - 4th overall and 70 awards!

2014 National Roman Civilization Exam
GOLD MEDALS - Jeremy C., Catherine E., Joseph K., Elton L., Maggie L., Connor O.
SILVER MEDALS - Caroline H., Yeshy M., Elijah M.
BRONZE MEDALS - Rachel K., Patrick S., Aditi D., Thomas G., Chaewon K., Angie R.

Fox Classics Writing Contest
Carolyn C. - Honorable Mention (top 20 in the nation)

2014 SCRIBO Creative Writing Contest Medal Recipients
Connor O. *ribbon for top entry from NGHS
Angie R.
Maggie L.

2014 Medusa Mythology Exam
Corona Olivae Certificate - Carolyn C.   Lindsay H.   Patrick S.    Joseph K.
Corona Laurea Certificate - Caroline H.
Bronze Medal and Certificate - Chaewon K.     Brendon R.
Silver Medal and Certificate - Yeshy M.

2014 National Latin Exam Results - 101 Awards, 5 Perfect Papers, and 3 Book Awards!

2014 Vergil Translation Contest - Caroline H. - Letter of Commendation

2014 CAMWS Translation Contest
Caroline H. - Book Award
Jeremy C. - Letter of Commendation

2014 GHP Latin
Joseph K.
Connor O.
Megan P.

2013 Lupercalia Tournament
2nd Place - Maggie L. (Individual point total, Lower)
3rd Place - Upper (Connor O., Joseph K., Angela P., Brendon R.)
4th Place - Lower (Maggie L., Jonny P., Michael L., Mary S.)

2013 National Classical Etymology Exam
Gold Medals: Jeremy C., Caroline H., Joseph K., Rachel K., Elton L., Angela P., Elijah M., Connor O., Angie R., Jonny P., Ryan S.
Silver Medals: Catherine E., Richard J., Thomas G., Lindsey H., Maggie L., Patrick S.
Bronze Medals: Hillary K., Yeshy M., Annie Y., Aditi D., Jose G., Lauren J., Chaewon K., Michael L., Alex Wa., Alex Wi.

2013 Eastside Certamen Tournament
Upper "A" Team (
Jeremy C., Angela P., Elton L., and Caroline H.) came in 3rd place.
Upper "B" Team (Joseph K., Hillary K., Brendon R., and Yeshy M.) came in 5th place.
Intermediate Team (Maggie L., Lauren J., and Jonny P.) came in 5th place.
Joseph K. came in 3rd Place in the "Upper" division for individual achievement. 
Maggie L. came in 5th Place in the "Intermediate" division for individual achievement.

2013 Fall Forum Results
Elton L.
- 2013 GJCL Host
Lower Certamen (Maggie L., Patrick S., Lauren J., and Jonny P.) - 3rd Place
Upper Certamen (Connor O., Joseph K., Elton L., Angela P., and Caroline H.) - 3rd Place
Maggie L. - 2nd Place on the Latin II NLE Practice Exam
Elijah M. - 1st Place on the Latin Sight Reading Contest (Level II)
Angie R. - 2nd Place on the Latin Sight Reading Contest (Level II)
Alex W. - 2nd Place Frisbee Throw and 2nd Place Softball Throw

2012-2013 Latinitas Competition Champion - Jeremy C.  See the full results here

Click Here for our results from the 2013 GJCL Latin Convention - 65 Awards!

Click Here for our results from the 2013 National Latin Exam - 3 Book Awards, 3 Perfect Papers, and 110 Awards Total!

2013 National Roman Civilization Exam
John K. and Jeremy C. - GOLD MEDAL
Catherine E., Caroline H., Lauren J., and Elton L. - SILVER MEDAL
Calvin J., David P., Joseph K. - BRONZE MEDAL

2013 SCRIBO Creative Writing Contest
Connor O. - medal (top 20%)
Jeremy C. - medal (top 20%)

2013 Fox Classics Writing Contest 
Letter of Distinction, Elton L.

2013 Medusa Mythology Exam
Jeremy C. - Silver Medal         Catherine E. - Bronze Medal      Yeshy M. - Bronze Medal
Maggie L. - Corona Laurea   Joseph K. - Corona Laurea   Caroline H. - Corona Laurea   David P. - Corona Laurea   Angela P. - Corona Laurea
Patrick S. - Corona Olivae   Rachel K. - Corona Olivae   John K. - Corona Olivae

2013 CAMWS Translation Contest
Jeremy C. - Letter of Commendation

2013 GHP Participant - Elton L.

2012 National Classical Etymology Exam (NCEE)
Jeremy C. Calvin J. John K. Will M. Justin B. Joseph K. Elton L. Megan P.
Lauren A. Caroline H. Hillary K. Luis A. Jared C. Neevi G. Richard J. Lauren J. Maggie L. Yeshy M. Amelia R. Sarah S. Chris Z.
Angela P. Edward L. Stacey D. Jose G. Kayla L. Garima S.

2012 Lupercalia Certamen Tournament (Eastside HS)
3rd Place "Novice" Level: Patrick O., Josiah E., Maggie L., Justin B., Lauren J.
3rd Place "Upper" Level: Josh O., John K., Jeremy C., David P.

2012 Fall Forum Awards
"Upper" (i.e., Latin III and AP students John K., Josh O., Elton L., David P., and Jeremy C.) Certamen - 2nd Place
"Lower" (i.e., Latin II students Connor O., Brendon R., and Richa P.) Certamen - 3rd Place
Ha T. - 1st Place, Impromptu Art
Caroline H. - 3rd Place, Pentathlon Exam
Elton L. - 3rd Place, Pentathlon Exam and 3rd Place, Greek Language Exam
Jeremy C, - 3rd Place, Greek Language Exam
Megan J. - 3rd Place, 100 yard dash

2011-2012 Latinitas Competition Champion - Jeremy C.  See the full results here

2012 National Latin Exam Scholarship Winner - Ho Lim L.

Click Here for our results from the 2012 GJCL State Latin Convention - 4th overall and 43 awards!

Click Here for our results from the 2012 National Latin Exam - 128 Awards!

2012 Medusa Mythology Exam
Brendon R.  David P.  Jason C.
Jeremy C.
Haereem R.

2012 National Roman Civilization Exam (NRCE)
Elton L.  Jeremy C.  Caroline H.  Jason C.
Catherine E.  John K.  David P.
Hillary K.  Rachel K.  Annie Y.

2012 CAMWS Translation Contest:
Emily B. - Letter of Commendation
Jeremy C. - Letter of Commendation
Stephanie S. - Letter of Commendation

2012 GHP Participants: Josh O. and Jeremy C.

2012 Eastside High School "Lupercalia" Certamen Tournament
2nd Place "Upper Level": John K., Jason C., Josh O., and Jeremy C.

2011 National Classical Etymology Exam
David P.   Jeremy C.   Emily B.   Yvonne T.   Ho Lim L. 
Jason C.  Michael S.  Hyunah C.  Jay K.  Jimmy L.  Stephanie S.  Rebecca K. 
Kwang K.

Host Site: 2011 GJCL Fall Forum

2011-2012 GJCL President: Jason C.
2011-2012 GJCL Secretary: Ho Lim L.

Click Here for our results from the 2011 GJCL State Latin Convention - 47 Awards!

Click Here for our results from the 2011 National Latin Exam - 123 Awards!

2011 NJCL  National Classical Civilization Exam

Gold Medal
Jason C.
William C.
John K.
David P.
Silver Medal
Jordan B.
Vanessa J.
Jay K.
Ho Lim L.
Michael S.
Adam F.
Jeremy C.
Josh O.
Bronze Medal
Sylara C.
Ryan F.
Juliana G.
Stephen C.
Simon L.

2011 GHP Participant: John K.

2011 GHP State Finalists: Taylor G., Jay K., John K., Josh O.

2010 NJCL National Classical Etymology Exam

Emily B.
Jason "Superbus" C.
Stephen C.

Jay K.
Ho Lim L.
Sylara C.
Hochan L.
Somi P.
Yuna C.
Taylor D.
Joseph E.
Rebecca K.
Jenny L.
Joanna L.
David M.
Chris O.
Michael S.
Yvonne T.

2010 Eastside Certamen Tournament
3rd Place: Upper A (Jordan "Pistor" B., Jason "Superbus" C., Nidhi P., and Lora P.)
3rd Place (individual points): Pistor
3rd Place: Lower (Josh O., John K., David P., and Simon L.)
5th Place: Upper B (Vanessa J., Ho Lim L., Hochan L., and Jay K.

2010 GJCL Fall Forum Results
Upper Certamen (Pistor, Superbus, Lora P., and Nidhi P.) - CHAMPIONS!
Lower Certamen (John K., Josh O., David P.) - 3rd Place!
Novice Certamen (Angela P. and Jeremy C.) - 2nd Place!
Sight Reading
Uriah S. - 2nd Place    Logan D. - 2nd Place    Emily B. - 3rd Place
Emily B.  - cum laude   Logan D. - cum laude   Michael S. - cum laude   Rebecca K. - cum laude   Lora P. - cum laude
Jason C. - magna cum laude   Jordan B. - magna cum laude   Vanessa J. - magna cum laude   Jay K. - magna cum laude   Hochan L. - magna cum laude
Nidhi P. - magna cum laude 

GHP 2010 Participants - Jason "Superbus" C., Jordan "Pistor" B.

Click Here for our 2010 National Latin Exam results (4 Book Awards 137 Total Awards!) 

Click here to see our results from the 2010 GJCL State Convention - 37 Awards!

2010 Marist "Lupercalia" Certamen Tournament
David P., John K., Gustavo G., and Simon L. (Novice Level) came in 3rd Place!
Superbus, Hochan L., Kwang K., and Jay K. (Lower level) came in 2nd Place!
Pistor, Lora P., and Nidhi P.(Upper level) came in 4th place!

2009 Collins Hill "Turkey Buzz-Off" Invitational Certamen Tournament
North Gwinnett was represented in the finals of every level! 
The Novice Level team (John K., Gustavo G., David P., Simon L., and Josh O.) earned the most total points in the preliminary rounds and came in 4th!
The Lower Level team (Kwang K., Hochan L., Holim L., Jay K.) came in 4th!
The Upper Level team ( Nidhi P., Vanessa J., Jordan B., and Lora P.) missed the Championship by the closest margin possible, five points, tied for second, and lost the tie-breaker for a well-earned 3rd Place finish!

2009 Fall Forum Results
Novice Level Certamen Champions! (David P., John K., Imani S., Kian P.)
Lower Level Certamen Third Place! (Superbus, Ho Chan L., Ho Lim L., Jay K.)
Upper Level Certamen Semifinalists! (Vanessa J., Lora P., Nidhi P., Jordan B.)
Logan D. - First Place Junior Level Sight Reading!
Dylan S. - Second Place Advanced Level Sight Reading! 

GHP 2009 - Vanessa J., Lora P., and Christine S.

Click Here for our 2009 GCJL State Convention Results (50 Individual and Team Awards!)

Click Here for our 2009 National Latin Exam results (2 Book Awards, 6 Perfect Papers, and 120 Total Awards!)

2009 Marist Lupercalia Tournament
Novice Level Champions!!! (Kwang, Superbus, Ho Lim, and Ho Chan)
Lower Level Champions!!! (Jordan, Lora, Nidhi, and Vanessa)

2008 GJCL Fall Forum Results!
All three certamen teams made the semifinals!
Novice Level: Taylor G., Superbus, Sylara C., Ho Chan L.
Lower Level: Vanessa J., Lora P., Nidhi P., Jordan B.
Upper Level: Caitlin N., Nicole S., Dylan S.
Logan D., Emily B., Dylan S., Taylor G., and Lauren H. all earned individual awards!

GHP 2008 - John A.

Click Here for the 2008 GJCL State Convention Results

Click Here for our 2008 National Latin Exam results (4 Perfect Papers and 100 Total Awards!)

2008 Marist Certamen Tournament

Lower Team (Caitlin, Julia, Nicole): 3rd Place
Novice Team (Jordan, Jessica, Caleb): 4th Place

2007 Fall Forum
Congratulations to the Novice Team (Thomas, Nidhi, Lora, and Vanessa) - FF Certamen Champions!!
Congratulations also to John A. (Summa Cum Laude on the Pentathlon Exam),
Dylan S. (1st Place on Sight Reading),
Alexis V. (1st Place in 100 yd. dash),
Pooja R. (2nd Place in 100 yd. dash)!!!!  

GHP 2007 - Hye K.

2007 Fall Gwinnett County Certamen Championship
Novice Champions! (Vanessa, Nidhi, Thomas, and Lora)
Novice Runner-Up! (Jessica, Caleb, Wesley)
Upper Champions! (Amelia, Stephen, Karan, and Evan)

Click Here for results from the 2007 State Latin Convention (47 individual and team awards!)

Click Here for 2007 National Latin Exam Results (2 Perfect Papers and 83 Total Awards!)

Spring 2007 Gwinnett County Certamen Championship
1st Place Novice Level: Team B (Caitlin N, Caitlin C, Nicole S, Emad S)
2nd Place Novice Level: Team A (Courtney S, Glenn S, Dylan S, Ish S)
2nd Place Lower Level: Bobby L, Amelia A, Ryan M, John A
2nd Place Upper Level: Christine A, Scott O, Charles G, Stephen E
Also worth note:
The Novice Team B accrued the most points of any team at any level (415 total pts.) in the preliminary rounds.
The Upper Level Team lost a heartbreaking sudden-death tiebreaker which took five questions to determine a winner.

Click Here for results from the 2006 State Latin Convention (over 50 individual and group awards!)

2006 Gwinnett County Certamen Championships
1st Place (Fall): Novice 'A' team (CourtneyS., Caitlin N., Glenn S., and Dylan S.)
2nd Place (Fall): Advanced team (Scott O., Stephen E., Karan P., and Kevin V.)
3rd Place (Fall): Novice 'B' team (Nicole S., Thomas K., and Ish S.)
2nd Place (Spring): Lower team
2nd Place (Spring): Upper team

4th Place (Spring): Novice

2006 Fall Forum
Summa Cum Laude: Scott. O. (Pentathlon Exam)
Summa Cum Laude: Christine A. (Pentathlon Exam)
Maxima Cum Laude: Charles G. (Pentathlon Exam)
1st Place: Catapult (Scott O., Charles G.) 
3rd Place: Lower Level Certamen (Courtney S., Nicole S., Thomas K., Sola L.)
3rd Place: Ultimate Frisbee (Megan H., Seth H., Veronica H., Stephanie M.)

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