2013-2014 Latinitas Championship Results

2013-2014 Latinitas Champion: Connor O. (305 points)

*denotes a varsity letter in Latin

Latin I Latinitas Winner: Teresa N. (48 points)
2nd Place: Brittany M., with 46 points
3rd Place: Carolyn C., with 43 points
4th Place: Kate S., with 34 points
5th place: Angela H., with 29 points

Latin II Latinitas Winner: Maggie L., (210 points)*
2nd Place: Angie R., with 159 points*
3rd Place: Jonny P., with 153 points*
4th Place: Elijah M., with 131 points*
5th Place: Patrick S., with 127 points*

Latin III Latinitas Winner: Brendon R. (90 points)
2nd Place: Felicitas S., with 79 points
3rd Place: Thomas G., with 58 points
4th place: Aditi D., with 45 points
5th place: Bethany H., with 29 points

Advanced Latin Latinitas Winner: Jeremy C. (299 points)
2nd Place: Caroline H., with 266 points
3rd Place: Joseph K., with 259 points
4th Place: Elton L., with 222 points
5th Place: Yeshy M., with 169 points

Also earning a varsity letter in Latin
Hillary K., with 161 points
Angela P., with 128 points
Chaewon K., with 123 points
Lauren J., with 110 points 
Justin B., with 103 points
Richard J., with 101 points
Mary S., with 100 points
Michael L., with 100 points