2017 Georgia JCL State Latin Convention! (April 21st-23rd)

Early Registration ($135) = March 1st; Late Registration ($140) = March 3rd!!  Make checks out to "DHS JCL"
 Click here for a brief overview of Convention.          Download the FAX to answer any Convention questions.  
This is how you can help Dacula win the Chapter Cup.


Medical and Media Release forms (<---- print pages 30-31 and turn into Mr. Yaggy) 
Running for office? Submit the Papers of Candidacy by March 30th, 2017.
Interested in Creative Arts (including Dramatic Interpretation & Oratory)? Download the passages from the NJCL website
Compete for one of the Scholarships offered by the GJCL.
For behavior guidelines and directions to Rock Eagle from Dacula, click here

Remember your Latinitas points (20 pts. for going to GJCL)100 points = Varsity Letter in Latin! 
Win the GJCL State Convention Scholarship!

Meeting Dates:
**MUST participate in at least 2 academic tests and at least 3 events total**        
**MUST attend at least 2 Test meetings and (if applicable) 2 Creative/Graphic Arts meetings**

March 9th&13th: Mandatory Informational Meeting (attend ONE
March 14th: Creative and Graphic Arts Meeting (Dramatic Interpret., English Oratory, Latin Oratory)
March 15th: Academic Test Prep Meeting / Modern Myth and Slogan Intro.
March 16th: Academic Test Prep Meeting / Chariot and Standard Check-Up
March 17th: Certamen Practice (Try-Outs for State Teams)
March 21st: Academic Test Prep Meeting / Alae submissions, Publicity, and Scrapbook
March 22nd: Creative and Graphic Arts Meeting (follow-up... check on progress)
 - Modern Myth and Slogans due today
March 23rd: Academic Test Prep Meeting/That's Entertainment
March 24th: Certamen Practice (State Teams only)
March 28th: Academic Test Prep Meeting
March 29th: Creative Arts Meeting (follow-up... check on progress)

March 30th: Certamen Practice (State Teams Only)
Items Due to GJCL by March 30th: Papers of Candidacy, Scholarship applications
April 10th: Academic Test Prep / Alae submissions, Publicity, and Scrapbook
April 11th: Creative Arts Meeting (follow-up... check on progress)
April 13th: Academic Test Prep / Chariot and Standard Check-Up
April 14th: Certamen Practice (State Teams Only)
April 18th: Academic Test Prep / Creative Arts (performances)
 - Graphic Arts entries, Alae submissions, Publicity, & Scrapbook submissions due to Mr. Yaggy
April 19th: Academic Test Prep / Creative Arts (performances)
April 20th: MANDATORY MEETING for all Convention participants (2:20-3:20pm)
April 23rd: Return to Dacula for parent pick-up (around 3pm)

Helpful Links:
Test Preparation Page
Study Guides for each academic test from the Florida JCL homepage