Mr. Yaggy's National Latin Exam Prep Page

If you want a Perfect Paper on the National Latin Exam, go to these websites and complete the exercises:

Topic Specific Studying (a great online quiz site made up of old questions; perfect when you're having trouble with only one or two topics)

Kentucky Distance Learning Latin I NLE page (click on "Information and Tips" and then "NLE Study Packet")

Magister Patrick's (Parkview HS) NLE page (online versions of NLE's from 2002-2005 and links for culture)

National Latin Exam Homepage (complete overview; follow links on left side for 1997-2007 exams)

NLE Culture Lists (you should know the very basic idea of every item on these lists)

Every Genitive Case and Future Tense Question from 1980-present

Click here for the Latin I NLE syllabus (items tested on the Latin I NLE)

Click here for Latin II Indirect Statement, Passive Voice, Future Tense, and Ablative Absolute Practice

Click here for the Latin III-IV History, Myth, and Literature

Click here for some great map quizzes to help with Geography.

Sporcle and PurposeGames are good websites with simple games to test your knowledge of history and culture (search relevant terms: "ancient Rome," e.g.)