7th Grade Latin I > Week 22

Do Now:
"caerimonia" - second half of comprehension questions
story video for refresher
caerimonia worksheet (from AM)... put away books/packets.  Treat this like a brainteaser.  Supply #7 answer and tell them the last one will be #14.  Work with partner and see who can finish most quickly.

Do Now: "Descriptions" (from AM worksheet).  Do not do #4, do not translate the sentences (just pick the words/phrases)
Relative Clauses review.  Follow up with observation from worksheet about when qui, quae, and quod are used.
Discuss gender... practice with white boards (nom. sing. only)
Add in accusatives and practice with white boards
Check understanding with "Relative Clauses and Relative Pronouns" AM worksheet B (8 will be new information to them b/c we haven't yet read ludi funebres)
Buzz: "About the Language 1: Relative Clauses" (due Thursday AM)


After your quiz, pre-read lūdī fūnebrēs I (p. 51) about a boat race between two British tribes.
Get the basic idea by figuring out the answers to these questions:
What two tribes are going to race?
Which tribe usually wins when they compete?
What is the name of the chieftain of each tribe?
Which chieftain is a jerk?
relative clauses (worksheets)... "Relative Clauses and Relative Pronouns" AM worksheet A... note after the fact that we haven't been introduced to quos yet, but it wasn't an issue in terms of translation.
Buzz: "About the Language 1: Relative Clauses"

Do Now:
"ludi funebres II"
Buzz: "Relative Pronouns Practice"