7th Grade Latin I > Week 21

Do Now: describe each of the first several pictures in Latin as well as you can
Stage 15 Introduction and Model Sentences
go over initial pictures without captions... decide on vocabulary
look at captions and focus on connection with relative pronoun
write own sentences using obvious Latin nouns (puer, puella, saxum, etc.)
Buzz: "Celts, Cogidubnus, Cartimandua, and Boudica"

Do Now:
"ad aulam" (w/ agmen splendidum worksheet.. draw lines 1-8 of procession)
Buzz: "Noun/Adjective Agreement Practice"

Do Now:
"ad aulam"
Buzz: "Practicing the Language 1 and 2 (p. 54)"

Do Now: most missed (fill-in-the-blank questions)
"caerimonia" - comprehension questions
show video