Latin II Semester II > Week XIII

Start Up: passive voice questions from past NLEs
Stage 29 Introduction - model sentences pictures and passive voice
1. Review NLE questions and ask what makes these verbs passive  (the -tur/-ntur)... what is difference between those two endings (singular/plural)
2. What is voice?  What makes a verb active? passive?  (nothing to do with tense... it is the way an action is presented to the audience).  Active = subject verbs a DIRECT OBJECT; Passive = somethings is verbed BY AN AGENT
3. HAMMER the difference between active and passive voice in English... tons of example sentences... think of a movie... give a three word synopsis (active sentence)... now make it passive
4. When the class absolutely gets the active/passive distinction, go back to NLE questions/Latin... SO EASY!  Distill it down to -tur = "is (being) ___ed" and -ntur = "are (being) ___ed"
5. Go to model sentences... ID passive verbs, then translate together (pics 1 and 2)

Daily Buzz: Translation Practice (Ex. D p. 182) *if not done already

Start Up: ID passive verbs in pics 3-4
review/translate together and then follow up with 5-6
nox - divide into 6 groups (lines 1-3, 4-7, 8-11, 12-15, 15-17, 17-21)... give 10 minutes to translate as a group
label each group member A, B, C, D, E, F... then create an A group, B group, etc.  New groups review lines 1-21 of the story
review passive voice, especially with examples from p. 169

Daily Buzz: Active/Passive Voice Practice

Start Up: review of nox (lines 1-21) with comprehension questions and labeling picture on p. 169
who is in the picture?  Look at lines 22-33 and decide... tough!
use passive voice verbs in lines 30-33 as opportunity to review concept with most missed from last night's Buzz quiz
go through lines 34-35 together
scene shift in 36... read last few lines... what in the heck is going on?  Who remembers what event the Arch commemorated (hint: what objects were inscribed on it?)

Daily Buzz: study through malo, malle

Start Up: clear desk
when done, complete 29.6 on worksheet (active and passive forms of reducere)
review passive endings... chant r, ris, tur,, mur, mini, ntur
A LOT of practice with verb endings
practice turning active sentences into passive ones
Daily Buzz: ATL I: Active and Passive Voice

Start Up: most missed
review passive endings
read lines 36-39 of nox and watch this "Siege of Massada" documentary to set up Masada I
begin Masada I

Daily Buzz: ATL II: More About the Passive Voice