Latin II Semester II > Week XI

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Belimicus rex
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Stage 28 Review
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Stage 28 Remediation
Enrichment (foundations of Rome Buzz quiz covering these videos: and
Buzz Quiz: "Rome and Judea," "The Origins of Rome," and "The Roman Forum"

Start Up: What happened to end Stage 28?  What is Salvius doing? Belimicus? Dumnorix? Quintus? Look at pic #1 on p. 166.. where are we?  Are any of those guys in Rome?  No... so you can see that we are shifting gears to Rome and possibly another part of the story.  More on that later.  What do you see in this picture (#1)?  Roman Forum... what do you know about the city of Rome and the Forum? [5 min]
Ask enrichment people to tell us how Romulus and Remus founded Rome... build from there. [10 min.]
look at this reproduction: (go to :35 for almost exact angle of #1 (-1:05 for various pics/angles of forum) and 1:30 for Vesta (pic #4)  [there's this one too with #1 view at 2:15] [5 min]
Stage 29 Intro - go through the model sentence captions [25 min.]
Daily Buzz: "Translation Practice (Ex. D p. 182)"