Latin II Semester II > Week I

Start Up: translate #1 on p. 86 into English
pass out syllabus and discuss procedures (highlight what to do when absent, when to make up tests/quizzes, etc.)
evaluation feedback - what you told me about strengths (concern, communication) and weaknesses (clarity, interest)
Buzz... ratings and comments.  Points of clarity - Buzz is there to test how well you've learned material in class (and relearn using text and web resources if needed).  It isn't a teaching tool.
You guys liked the feedback and I will continue to write that in as much as possible.

Stage 25 model sentences (pp. 86-87) - review start up
participles for review: latentem (#1), conspicatus (#3), conversus (#4)
do not "reveal" indirect questions until someone recognizes the subjunctive tenses... seize on that and practice tense morphology (review imperfect and pluperfect tenses)
after reviewing subjunctive tense morphology, circle back to the new subjunctive use

​Daily Buzz: "The Legionary Soldier"

Start Up: video(s) on the legionary soldier
"The Roman Soldier" by Phalera (9:30)
"Total War Rome 2: Legionary" (8:00)
25.6 from AM - verb practice (review, particularly subjunctive tenses)
"Strythio" - 
remember Modestus and Strythio?  What do we know about them - quintessential ?  Modestus is lazy and bossy, although he thinks he's amazing.  Strythio is his lacky.  Remember Vilbia and Bulbus, the horse crossing the bridge, etc.
What are they up to now?? 

​Daily Buzz: "Ex. B p. 96 Verb Practice"

Start Up: most missed (verb practice)
"Strythio" - fill in the blank worksheet (isolates, among other things, subject-verb agreement and Stage 25 vocabulary words)
study for vocabulary quiz (through "haesitare" and model sentences)

Start Up: clear desk
when you turn in your quiz, pick a number out of the hat... leave it alone for time being
finish last bit of fill-in-the-blank sheet from yesterday and review "Strythio"
find corresponding number on 25.2 AM.  If it is a quote, find the line #, who says it, and translate the quote.  If it is a caption, find the line # and draw a picture of it. *all on white boards*

"Modestus custos" - what's going on?
​Daily Buzz: "ATL I: Indirect Questions"

Start Up: most missed
"Modestus custos" - 
Indirect Question practice (25.4 AM, 25.5 AM)

Daily Buzz: "Ex. D p. 96 Cum Clause Practice"

Start Up: most missed
"Modestus perfuga I"
study for vocabulary quiz

Start Up: clear desk 
when done, 
"Modestus perfuga I"
​Daily Buzz: "Modestus perfuga I Comprehension Questions"