7th Grade Latin I > Week 19

Pre-Comp Review Week / Chromebook cart
Do Now: From memory, write out the model sentences in Latin (include ablative)

consolidate and add in the genitive case
discuss format of chart questions on pre-comp.  
Go through charts and review songs that they learned last year
Before end of class, complete the following fill-in-the-blank noun chart quizzes: puella, amicus, puer, rex
Buzz Quiz: "ad aulam (lines 1-9)"

Pre-Comp Review Week/ Chromebook cart
Do Now: most missed
**big lesson for next week is to take your time and don't give in to assumptions.  Find the line referenced in the question and translate it**
Review declension charts and add the 2nd declension neuter and the 3rd istem
test with white boards
Buzz Quizzes: declension of saxum, declension of civis, conjugation of amo (present), conjugation of teneo (present), conjugation of duco (present), conjugation of facio (present), conjugation of audio (present)

Pre-Comp Review Week/ Chromebook cart
Do Now: sample pre-comp (30 questions)
provide "noun chartland" sheet consolidating everything we discussed yesterday
review neuter i-stems and vocative if needed
teach the future (in conjugations 1+2, bo bis bu, in conjugations 4+3, am, e)
go over conjugations
Buzz Quizzes: imperfect and future verb conjugations (10 of them)

Pre-Comp Review Week/ Chromebook cart
Do Now: get Chromebook from cart and log in (close screen when done)
Pass out sheet of everything we discussed yesterday to review
Discuss the week's review and come up with "hit list" of gotcha contests that may show up on the pre-comp

Allow most of time to work through Buzz quizzes with laptops
Buzz Quizzes: Fill-in-the-Blank, Noun Identification, "animal" (3rd neuter i-stem), Genitive ID, and Genitive translation