7th Grade Latin I > Week 8

Do Now: "Agreement of Subject and Verb" worksheet (#1, 3, 4, 5, 7 to hit "to be" "to go" and imperfect translation of "habere")
review subject-verb agreement, but average on Buzz quiz was extraordinarily high
"controversia" - as intro, what was the main thrust of the Greeks' argument?  You Romans think you know a lot, but who taught it all to you??
translate the first 7 lines together and then watch story re-enactment video
with remaining time, make a list of Quintus' "sententiae" and coordinating "argumenta"
Daily Buzz: "ATL I: 1st and 2nd person plural verbs"

Do Now: "controversia" worksheet - itemize the sententiae and argumenta of Quintus and Alexander
discussion of what the Greek contentiones are... philosophy... Plato and Aristotle... allegory of the cave
"contentio" worksheet (if time)
study for your vocabulary quiz


Do Now: clear desk
when done, "statuae" worksheet (comp. questions)
review agreement
Daily Buzz: "PTL 1 and 2 p. 142"

Do Now: Most Missed 
comparative adjectives with "Comparisons" worksheet.. main instruction on comparative (review positive, superlative, different translations of all three degrees)
"anulus Aegyptius" - read out loud the first several lines (through the Aegyptian slave giving him the ring) -  model the action as much as possible
Daily Buzz: "ATL II: Comparatives"