Latin II Week 7

Enrichment and Remediation
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Start Up: Describe in Latin the picture on the board (first pic of model sentences on p. 162) - sentence(s) or word list
write the following vocab from the checklist on the board and refer to it throughout the lesson: domus, mors, sermo, remedium; desperare, inferre; pessimus
Stage 19 Introduction using model sentences powerpoint... go through start up.
pictures without captions... on white board, describe each picture... vary presentation and hit on grammatical concepts in need of review.
Now, with captions... any surprises?  What's the deal with portantes, lacrimantes, clamans, recumbens, quaerens?  
Make two columns on paper "-ns" and "-ntes" and use words from model sentences. What's the deal?  What is the difference between the -ns ones and the -ntes ones?  Singular/Plural
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Start Up: 20.2 A worksheet... present active participles
go over and review what we discussed yesterday (limited discussion... ns/ntem/ntes)
Show PANTS acronym
remember Clemens: Clementem???  What declension?  The endings are just like that
Go a little further into the concept with part B
"remedium astrologi" - show movie 
consolidate with 20.5 worksheet but ONLY provide the first and third columns for each (nominative singular version and translation)
If time, watch "remedium astrologi"... discuss.  Among other points, the role of astrology (esp. in conjunction with medicine), comparison with eastern vs. western medicine, etc.
with time left, part C of 20.2 (using vocab and case/number to match participles to their nouns)
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ATL I: Present Active Participles"

Start Up: Most Missed
watch "remedium astrologi" again and review new vocab (focus especially on vocab showing up on tomorrow's quiz)
with white boards and by rows, retell the "remedium astrologi" story... everyone writes one intro sentence, then pass back board and everyone continues the story, then pass back, then continues, etc. (60 second intervals). Do five cycles (perhaps 2 minutes on last to be able to end the story) and discuss... what did you have trouble with?  vocabulary, forms, etc.

study for vocabulary quiz (vocab through "mors") and model sentence

Start Up: clear desk
when done with quiz, complete "C" of 20.2
review present participles / PANTS with pictures we took on Tuesday - use white boards to check individual retention
watch "Petro" to get the general idea.  Split up into 10 groups (of 4)... #1, 6 translate lines 1-6, #2, 7 do lines 7-13, #3, 8 do lines 14-19, #4, 9 do lines 20-25 (administrans), #5, 10 do lines 25-29 
Daily Buzz: "
ATL I: Present Active Participles (Part II)"