Latin II > Week VI

Start Up: most missed (more imperative practice)
"imperative practice" worksheet (part II: 11-20)
follow up with 1-10 (production of imperatives)
review imperatives with this worksheet (additional practice if needed on "Imperatives and Vocatives" worksheet...translate sentences)
vocative practice with "Vocatives" worksheet (middle part... 1-10)
hic and ille... create little sets of flashcards (hic on one side, ille complement on the other...just nominative and accusative)
pass out to partners and everyone clears desk (put book in lap).  Get dry erase marker and washcloth
1. spread out the "hic" side on desk (just like in ATL page 144) to be sure you have all of the cards
one partner chooses puella, other chooses amicus... write nominative and accusative forms (sing. and pl.) on desk
check the forms and then match to hic, haec, hoc cards
partners switch... puella one now does puer and amicus one now does statue (vel sim.)
now, do a 3rd declension repetition (rex for masc., lex for fem.; litus and animal for neuters) 

Start Up: draw the "pompa" that Quintus describes in lines 1-6 on p. 145
get the scene with the "pompa" CLC video re-enactment
go back and review answers to the comprehension questions from dies festus II
replay video... what is going on with Helena, Galatea, and the young men?
Daily Buzz: "ATL III: Vocative Case"

Start Up: most missed or vocative case practice with Kahoot
replay video of the "pompa" for context (and to insure they get the back-and-forth among Aristo, Galatea, Helena, and the iuvenes)
"navis sacra" - translate selected portions into English to check ability
Daily Buzz: none

venatio I - comprehension questions
review for test

if time, Kahoot for culture

Buzz: "Medicine and Science"