7th Grade Latin I > Week 5

Labor Day Holiday

Do Now: Most Missed
"venatio" finish comprehension questions
review previous test
Study hard for your test!
Buzz Quiz: "Accusative Plural Review"

Buzz Quiz: "The Baths"

Do Now: 1. Translate the captions for #1 and #2 (p. 116).  2. ID the accusative words in #2 and #4 and make them plural.
Discuss do now, tests, and difficulties with accusative
Look at servo in #2... any idea?
Dative case... new model sentences:
1a. ancilla puellae statuam dat.
     The slave-girl gives the statue to the girl.
1b. ancillae puellīs statuās dant.
    The slave-girls give the statues to the girls.
2a. amicus servō anulum dābat.
    The friend was giving the ring to a slave.**
2b. amicī servīs anulōs dābant.
    The friends were giving the slaves the rings.**
**Note that the dative can be expressed in two different ways in English.  Either translation is fine.

3a. mater mercatōrī infantem dedit.
    The mother gave the baby to the merchant.
3b. matrēs mercatōribus infantēs dedērunt.
    The mothers gave the babies to the merchants.

continue with pp. 116-117
Buzz Quiz: "Practicing the Language 1 and 2: Subject/Verb Agreement"