Latin II > Week 4

Do Now: "One is not enough" from AM... do the odds and just the nominative and verb
with accusative plural re-established and model sentences reviewed... revisit "One is not Enough" and complete the accusatives
translate the last paragraph of "gladiatores" (lines 10-15)
Buzz Quiz: "Case and Number"

Do Now: Most Missed
read "in arena" and answer 1. Who won the fight?  2. How did they win?  Give a basic summary of the fight.
Allow students time to read the story and answer the questions, then ask for people who really know what is going on.
EITHER Bring four of them up to the front of the room and make 2 retiarii and 2 murmillones
divide the class into Pompeiani and Nucerini, pick a Regulus
read the story out loud and everyone must react/act out what is being read (give the actors simple (but accurate) props and prep them on how they would hold them and how each kind of gladiator would fight) OR do worksheet cartoon from AM
Some questions to consider: 1. Who delighted the Pompeians?    2. Who delighted the Nucerians?    3. Who were "lightly armed"?   4. Who were cowards, according to the Pompeians?    5. Who were "clever." according to the Nucerians?   6. According to the Nucerians, who were deceitful?    7. Who tried to provoke a fight in vain?    8. Who won?    9. What happened to the losers and why do you think? 10. Why would the retiarii be described as cowards or clever or deceitful?
Study (vocab and model sentences)!

Do Now: Clear desk for quiz
superlatives (use AM worksheet)
composition practice: write an altered version of the "in arena" story in which the murmillones retiarios superaverunt.
Give 10 minutes... 2 sentences from first 11 lines, 2-3 from lines 12-16, 2-3 from lines 17-23
Feel free steal from the story and alter to suit your new version 
Count up # of words 
Daily Buzz: "ATL II: Superlative Adjectives"

Do Now: "Snake Sentences" from Stage 8 AM worksheet

create heterogeneous groups based on # of words on "in arena" composition variable.
kids group up and sit in circles... peer edit
"venatio" - comprehension questions
Daily Buzz: "Noun Case Review II"