Latin II > Week 3

Do Now: Most Missed
Review subject/verb agreement extensively
finish Decens with worksheet
post cenam (translation check)
Buzz Quiz: "Perfect Tense Form Review"

Do Now: Give the perfect form of the following verbs: intellegit, lacrimat, cenat, conspicit, facit, narrat, parat, procedit, rogat, terret, pulsat, scribit, vituperat, plaudit, and agit.
Review tense morphology
ask the last question of "Decens" worksheet ("What other explanation can you come up with for his death?")
use Stage 6 as a pretest/model
post cenam translation if time

Do Now: clear desk
Buzz Quiz: "Gladiatorial Shows, Animal Hunts, and the Riots and Pompeii"

Do Now: "One is not enough" from AM... do the evens and just the nominative and verb
"The Gladiators" video from CLC (5 min)... discuss what was read last night and go into model sentences
Keith's PPT of the "gladiatores" story (up through line 8 complebant) then segue to Stage 8 Model Sentences

got 1/2 way through model sentences... resume on Monday.
Buzz Quiz: "Translating Verbs" (review of various verb translations for present, imperfect, and perfect)