Latin II > Week 2

SPG (Lab C - 1.235)

Daily BuzzNoun-Adjective Agreement I

Start Up: 14.5 worksheet (pick correct adjective and fill in gender, number, and case)
go over noun-adjective agreement, review Buzz quiz from last night (if needed)
Rufilla - read together with video... use white boards to go over unknown vocabulary (list while watching video)

Daily Buzz: Rufilla comprehension questions

Start Up: 14.4 matching exercise to review noun-adjective agreement again
Quintus advenit

Daily Buzz: Quintus advenit comprehension questions

Start Up: "Adjective Practice IV" from worksheet (practices the point of adjective placement before/after noun)
continue going through Quintus advenit... two questions at bottom and review vocabulary
review verbs (present, imperfect, and perfect) with "Verb Practice"
introduce ablatives and the "sub"

Daily BuzzNoun-Adjective Agreement II

Start Up: most missed
continue with "Verb Practice" (second column)
tripodes argentei

Daily Buzz: tripodes argentei comprehension questions