Latin II > Week 2


Start Up: 18.4 "A" worksheet (neuter noun vocabulary)
Start notes by picking three of those nouns from the worksheet... draw arrow and make each plural
put three on board for example and accompany with a few masculine 2nd declension nouns... make those plural to illustrate difference
review "neuter rules" and copy into notes with simple examples (saxum viae obstat... ego saxum video... and then again with plurals)
move to part B... a reminder that these exist in the 3rd declension as well.  Only do 1-7 (8-10 relevant to upcoming stories).  Note that the adjective (for most) shows you whether the noun should be singular or plural
taberna - comprehension questions from worksheet... finished about #1-5
Daily Buzz: ATL I: Neuter Nouns


Start Up: finish comprehension questions for "taberna"
finish reading "taberna" with comp. questions... 
write out 3rd model sentence on paper and also this list of nouns: res, effigies, spes, facies, plebes and dies (the only masc. noun)
have class pick one of the words and give the forms under each noun in the 3rd model sentence... what forms look the same?  Most of them except the genitive and dative singular... so emphasize that and give the genitive and dative forms for each one of the words on the 5th declension list
repeat process with 2nd model sentence and 4th declension

consolidate info with white boards... 1. which declension is it? 4th or 5th?  2. How many 4th declension nouns can you remember?  How many 5th?  3. Next, what is the genitive form of ___?  What is the dative form of ____?
​Daily Buzz: Fill-in-the-Blank Practice

Start Up: vocabulary matching exercise on worksheet of "in officina Eutychi"
review tough vocabulary coming up (sudabat, praesidium, etc.)
discuss what happened at end of "taberna" and what happens in "in officina I" to set up part II.

​in officina Eutychi II - watch movie once through and answer what comp. questions (on same worksheet... start with #23) you can on first glance
look at movie again and pause at various points... especially the portion in which Eutychus gives Clemens the tour of his workshop (because it isn't shown)
work with a partner to answer the rest of the details/questions after this second (and third) look
review 4th and 5th declension with white boards... what words from 4th do you remember?  Go through list... then, pick a word (portus, e.g.) and come up with the troublesome form of "portUs" and "portui".  Do the same with fifth declension... res... rei

Daily Buzz: 4th and 5th Declension

Start Up: Answer these questions about "pro taberna Clementis": 1. Where is Clemens at the beginning of this story?   2. Why does a friend come running up to him and shouting?   3. Does Clemens do what his friend suggests?
pro taberna Clementis... opportunity to check translation/understanding
review for Stages 17-18 Test: Genitive case, neuter nouns, 4th/5th declensions; also num/nonne/-ne, pluperfect tense, relative clauses

Start Up: clear desk

​Daily Buzz: The Worship of Isis