Latin II > Week 2

last day to pay $17 Latin Club dues ($20 starting tomorrow)

Start Up: most missed with Genitive Buzz quizzes
review genitive case endings (write on board to give "cheat sheet" at first)
draw taverna mercatoris, taberna Metellae, taberna Caecili; caput deae, caput canis, caput Quinti; manus militis, manus ursae, manus equi (phrase given first, then switch so students must provide phrase as I draw on board or work with partners)
"taberna" story with powerpoint... tell story... students follow along and then draw the following:
taberna Clementis
vitrum Alexandriae
templum Isidis
via tabernarum
senex mortuus
discuss each with simple Latin Q&A... work in genitive as much as possible

Daily Buzz: genitive/case review quiz

last day to pay for Provino's ($18 cash only)
Latin Club dues now $20

Start Up: (show story on board) students look at letter and number on slip of paper... letter in group they're in, # correlates to sentence(s) indicated on board - use whiteboard and draw representation of what the Latin sentence(s) mean. (5 min)
silently find group (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) and silently arrange pictures in order (provide classical music soundtrack!)
each person narrates his/her own picture in Latin, then each member of group briefly narrates whole Latin story... LISTEN to and COPY each other 
genitive and case review follow up
practice model sentences (quiz Friday)

​Daily Buzz: Translation Practice (based on p. 116 story "in officina Eutychi I")

Provino's Dinner tonight (6:30-7:30pm)
Start Up: Write out model sentences on white board (w/o looking!)
vocab review/intro to next story (adeo, vitrearii, valvae, evulsus, direptus, vicinus, nomen, obstare, praetereo)

"in officina Eutychi I" translate into English (w/ partner)
review model sentences

Daily Buzz: Model Sentences Practice (fill-in-the-blank)
Study for model sentences quiz 

Start Up: clear desk for model sentences quiz (write out all three Latin model sentences (singular and plural of each); English is provided)
when done, complete 18.4 worksheet ("Neuter Nouns") About the Language (p. 118)
"in officina Eutychi II" video - discuss/preview story

discuss what happened at end of "taberna" and what happens in "in officina I" to set up part II.
in officina Eutychi II - watch movie once through and answer what comp. questions (on same worksheet... start with #23) you can on first glancelook at movie again and pause at various points... especially the portion in which Eutychus gives Clemens the tour of his workshop (because it isn't shown)    
Daily Buzz: ATL I: Neuter Nouns

Start Up: most missed from neuter noun Buzz quiz
"in officina Eutychi II" video (again) and follow up
​Daily Buzz: Fill-in-the-Blank Practice
next week... memorize list of 4th and 5th declension words and basic rules; pro taberna Clemens Monday and Tuesday (test on Wednesday):
Answer these questions about "pro taberna Clementis": 1. Where is Clemens at the beginning of this story?   2. Why does a friend come running up to him and shouting?   3. Does Clemens do what his friend suggests?