7th Grade Latin I > Week 16

Do Now: most missed questions from "Rufilla comp questions"
Domitilla cubiculum parat I - use cartoon worksheet from AM
What do we think about Domitilla?
Focus on adjectives... underline them on worksheet... make sure we know what an adjective is
highlight all the ones describing Domitilla and then "benignus" describing Volubilis... masculine and feminine.

Daily Buzz: "Domitilla cubiculum parat I comp. questions"

Do Now: It is blank for blank to blank (impersonals exercise)
review part I and proceed to Domitilla cubiculum parat II
show lines 1-3 typed in large font and then ask them to write the next few Latin sentences based on what they expect to happen
(one would hope that Domitilla would help Marcia out, but we find out that she instead takes credit for cleaning the bedroom and then tells her to wash the floor)
read rest of story together.

vocabulary review

Do Now: clear desk

discuss noun-adjective agreement... start simple (1st/2nd declensions) with white boards (pairs that share the same declension/have the same endings)
after the basic point is proven, introduce an adjective from 3rd declension (crudelis) can it describe Salvius?  Of course it can, because he is cruel!
What would it look like?  Remember, they are different declensions

Proceed from that point and reinforce where needed... progress towards a fuller understanding with pairs not from the same declension
"Noun-Adjective Agreement" AM worksheet (with smiley faces)
Daily Buzz: "Noun-Adjective Agreement I"

Do Now: most missed OR "Opposites" AM worksheet
emphasize not using a dictionary to look up words... context!
when reviewing answers, be sure to take time with each and notice how/why many of the pairs do not look the same
Follow up with "Noun-Adjective Pairs" AM worksheet  (backwards order seems better.... D, then C, then B, then A)
Daily Buzz: "Noun-Adjective Agreement II" (and "Noun-Adjective Agreement I" if needed, b/c of Buzz snafu)