7th Grade Latin I > Week 15

Do Now: Finish comprehension questions from "Bregans"
when done, 
Salvius fundum inspicit
Buzz: Sentence Completion with posse, velle, nolle

Do Now: Most Missed
Salvius fundum inspicit

--Thanksgiving Break--

Do Now:
1. Describe Salvius in three (English) words.
2. What have you previously read in this stage which informs this opinion?
3. Read over Salvius fundum inspicit, which you started before the break.  Do Salvius’ actions in this story confirm or refute your opinion?  Why/Why not?
"Verb Splash" from AM (translation of forms of volo, nolo, possum)
"exemplum quaere" (Ex. B) from AM (infinitives and conjugations)
Study for test!

Buzz: "Romanization of a province"
Do Now: Read the story "Rufilla" and write three adjectives to describe Rufilla in the story
Rufilla - gather information and list 8-10 on the board.  Have everyone write down the three best adjectives, then vote for each
Top 3 voted remain on board.  Discuss with partner for 1 minute those 3 and why they are accurate using evidence from the text
discussion will fall into two camps: those who sympathize with Rufilla and those who don't.  Divide class into the two halves (but still in pairs)
Debate about Rufilla using text from the evidence.  If class is small enough, have all pairs take turns.  
Format of debate:
1 minute for each side to state case (remember to base it on the text, not opinions or assumptions)
1 minute for each side's rebuttal
class votes who presented the best case... keep track on board
If class is too big for everyone to go, then vote on two pairs from each side
class members can help sides briefly prepare for rebuttal.
Buzz: "Rufilla comprehension questions"