7th Grade Latin I > Week 14

Do Now: Read p. 18 about Gaius Salvius Liberalis - 1. Where was he born?  2. When did he go to Britain?  3. Why was he there?
discuss Salvius, Rufilla, Britain, etc. (storyline) 5-10 min.... be sure to look in TG for additional info. about Salvius
Model Sentences - here's Salvius and another cast of characters, let's get to know them (1-3: 5 min)
focus on potest (#4-6)... take a good guess on white boards (10 min.)
6-9: see vult (6) and nolunt (9) (10 min.)
look at vocab for quiz on Wednesday (note principal parts) (5 min.)
verb conjugations - explain and assess with "Infinitives" from AM (10 min)
Buzz: Britannia

Do Now: review new characters with "tres servi" (from AM)
follow up with which character is like Clemens, which one is like Grumio...
if time, show Stage 13 intro video (Salvius introduces himself... good follow up to discussion yesterday and intro to "coniuratio"
coniuratio (lines 1-14 . . . through dormiebat)... watch video first and stop just before he attacks Salvius
discussion on slavery seen in this video vs. slavery seen in Caecilius' house
back to vocabulary, principal parts, and conjugations.  Look at vocab checklist and ID conjugation of each verb on white board
Study for vocabulary quiz (advenio, aedificium, ceteri, dico, interficio, nolo, novus, nullus, possum, ruo, se, traho, volo, vulnero)

when done, translate coniuratio lines 14-18 (tum Alator . . . saeviebat.)
volo, nolo, possum with complementary infinitives
"Principal Parts" #1 (from AM) if needed/if time
Buzz: About the Language: Verb Conjugations

Do Now: "sententias comple!" from AM 
review to reinforce volo, nolo, and possum
Bregans - comprehension questions
Buzz: About the Language: posse, velle, nolle