7th Grade Latin I >Week 12

Do Now: Most Missed ("Noun Case Review")
"tremores" story
1st/2nd person verbs - "Verb Splash" worksheet from AM
Buzz Quiz: "tremores comprehension questions"

Do Now: "Agreement of Subject and Verb" from AM (pick verb only)
review verb forms
"ad urbem" - translate
Study vocabulary (amittit, complet, custodit, epistula, fortiter, frustra, fugit, iacet, iam, igitur, mirabilis, mittit, mons, paene, sentit, tandem, timet)

Do Now: clear desk for quiz
when done with the quiz, 
"Name that Verb" from AM 
review verb forms (esp. isti and istis) as needed
"ad urbem" - show writing prompt "What is your impression about Holconius after his conversation with Caecilius outside of Pompeii?  Give evidence (Latin word/phrase/sentence) and demonstrate how that evidence backs up your answer".. show movie on repeat while students write.  Follow up with two more questions: 1. Why do you think Caecilius calls Holconius "amice" in line 27?  2. To what effect does Caecilius repeat the verb amitto (amisisti, amisi) in his last words to Holconius? 
Buzz: "About the Language: 1st/2nd person verbs"

Do Now: 
"ad villam"
"Getting Personal" from AM
Buzz Quiz: "Subject-Verb Agreement"