Latin II >Week XII

Remediation and Enrichment

Start Up: 22.4 (#2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 only)... identify and translate participle only
once done, go through model sentences with ppt.... where is participle (won't have issue identifying) and what does each caption mean... write the participle down on paper
What kind of participle is it?  Perf. Passive... but wait.. how did we translate each one... go back through each and add meanings to the five participles on paper
Isn't this different than what we were taught?  "having been ___ed" vs. "having ___ed" (here).
The deal is that these are what the book calls Perfect Active Participles, but there really isn't such a thing.  They are just odd (don't get into deponent discussion)
Show/Learn REPLICAS by filling in the five shown here as well as the remaining two (locutus and secutus)
Revisit #3, 7, 9 from worksheet and work with the REPLICAS... your book treats this as a language feature, but it is just vocabulary.  Treat it like vocabulary.
Daily Buzz: "
More Noun Case Review"

Start Up: 22.2 worksheet (review of REPLICAS words; don't translate just insert word)
go over translations of sentences together; review REPLICAS
follow up with 22.3... distinguishing participles from each other.  How do we know which are REPLICAS?  We memorized them.
Vilbia (cartoon ppt)
Study for vocabulary quiz (through "ingressus")

Start Up: clear desk

when done, 22.6 (create 3 sentences from part A)
Daily Buzz: "
ATL I: Perfect Active Participles"

Start Up: 22.4 (circle participle, draw arrow to noun, ID type of participle, translate sentences) odd #s only
Modestus (partner up and choice of activity: 1. translate 5-7 line section, 2. answer comprehension questions over whole story, 3. act out 5-7 line section, 4. Latin summary comp of story)
Study for vocabulary quiz (rest of vocab and model sentences) on Monday