7th Grade Latin I > Week I


Diagnostic Assessment (4 CLC stories)
Teach imperfect and perfect tenses from Stage 6 "pugna" story that was on assessment

Review the Caecilius family members to ensure we're all on the same page
Give 10 minutes to translate "pugna" with a partner
Discuss and model using context to understand unknown vocabulary
Review and assess imperfect and perfect tenses
Buzz Quiz: ATL p. 74

Do Now: Most Missed
all most missed were versions of imperfect "to be" (erat, aberant, aderat, etc.)... hammer this point home.
Use picture of Felix... what does picture tell you about him?
Comprehension questions for Felix

Where are we at the beginning of this story?  Based on what you’re reading, was Clemens or Felix there first?
Based on their greeting, what is the background between these two guys?  What’s their story?
After reading lines 4-8, who do you think Clemens wanted to see the most?
Best part of the story… lībertus erat valdē commōtus. paene lacrimābat; sed rīdēbat (lines 9-10).  Explain his emotions… what do you think the deal is?
What do you think tōtam rem in line 12 refers to?
What do the last few lines tell us about Grumio and Fēlīx?  (7CH didn't finish)

Buzz Quiz: "Contextual Tense Practice"

Do Now: Most Missed from Contextual Tense Practice
continue review of tenses with "What tense is it?" worksheet from activity masters
print out copy of vocabulary quiz and discuss format and how to study

*model sentences* <-- delay until next stage (b/c whole VQ is new)
"ancilla statuam amat / ancillae statuam amant"
"amicus anulum amabat / amici anulum amabant"
"mater infantem amavit / matres infantem amaverunt" ---> will be on vocabulary quiz


Do Now: clear desk for quiz
when done with quiz, in as much detail as possible, describe Felix in your notes.  Who is he? 
Review the character and segue into next story... what's a "fur"?
Felix et Fur - watch video (w/ subtitles) to provide context
Write caption for cartoon of Felix et fur story (activity master worksheet) - **students did not finish this (only through first 2-3)
Buzz Quiz: Verb Tenses Fill-in-the-Blank