5th Grade Intro to Latin  > Week 23

Monday (Ca / Mg)
STAGE 5 VOCABULARY QUIZ I (adest, adsunt, ambulat, audit, meus, multus, multi, optimus, petit, plaudit, spectat, ubi, venit)
when done with quiz, complete "verum et falsum" (worksheet about Poppaea)... if falsum, rewrite the sentence so it is verum.
"Poppaea" story review (watch movie again)

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: "Agreement of Subject and Verb" worksheet (A only)
review plurals and follow up with B 
"in theatro" (p. 63)... either use as a listening exercise with comprehension questions at end, or use the class and the classroom to act out the story (choose a servus, an Actius, a funambulus, and divide the class into domini and servi)
HW: Practicing the Language 2

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: "Agreement of Subject and Verb" worksheet part C (do not translate the sentence) - use model sentences if needed!
Review (test on Monday) - test tip... write out model sentences on the test
white board formative assessment with sing/pl, declension #, subject/verb agreement, and nom/acc
Study hard!