5th Grade Intro to Latin  > Week 22

Monday (Ca / Mg)
STAGE 5 VOCABULARY QUIZ I (agricola, clamor, contendit, currit, fabula, femina, hodie, iuvenis, puella, senex, stat, turba, urbs)
"actores" story - "actores" worksheet (A-D) when done.
If time, "singular or plural" worksheet to review singular/plural distinction seen last week

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: 5 minute timed write... prompt: The Pompeians are heading to the theater to see a play today!
Debrief about the writing... as stories are told, write plural nouns on the board in boxes... did anyone else include them?  What actions did we use?  Write the verbs used in the boxes (modeling correct endings)
About the Language (on plurals)... AM worksheets "Singular or Plural?" (matching sentences to pictures) and then the other "Singular or Plural?" (sorting sing/pl words into chart), then follow up with "Latin listening"
Give additions to model sentences
HW: Practicing the Language 1 (p. 63)

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: qui in theatro fabulam spectant?  fill-in-the-blank worksheet to practice plural forms and get them thinking again about why Grumio is staying at home.
"Poppaea" story - video
practice updated model sentences (included on Monday's vocab quiz)... white boards
review homework with any extra time