Latin I Semester II > Week I

Student Holiday

Click here for Latin I Syllabus (same except all tests weighted the same), discuss evaluation results
Start Up: cives in foro pic and ppt 5 minute timed writing... write as much as you can about the picture... keep it simple, this is about vocabulary.
1. discuss picture in Latin... come up with scenario, argument, etc. where is Caecilius?  etc.
2. fill in the blanks with sentences on second slide
Brainhoney Quizzes: "Noun Cases Review" and "Verb Forms and Tenses Review"

Start Up: Most Missed

Write on board favet = "he supports, favors" (i.e., "he gives his support/favor to ___") and credit = "he trusts, believes" (i.e., "he gives his trust to ____")
Explain electio (appoint candidates and let them choose which character they want to be and who will be their fautores)

1. Magister Yaggy tres (iii) candidatos, sex (vi) fautores, et multos cives forte (randomly) legit.
2. Magister Yaggy candidatis, fautoribus, et multis civibus unum suffragium (a vote) dat.
3. Candidatus quoque sedecim (xvi) suffragia accipit.
4. Fautor quoque novem (ix) suffragia accipit.
St. 11 model sentences (p. 182-183) powerpoint: go over emphasize new verbs with use of dative
cui favet? cui placent? etc.
review verb conjugations with faveo, faves, etc. on board as prep for next powerpoint
jump off from book to powerpoint "Who do you favor?" 
roga: "cui tu faves?" responde: "ego ____ faveo." / "cui tu credis?" "ego ___credo."
Brainhoney Quiz: "
Local Government and Elections"

ELECTIO (hand out bribes and votes) - murus needs to be up in hallway by today
1. Fautores et cives titulos de candidatis in muro (outside my room) scribunt.
2. Candidatus, qui optimum titulum habet, quinque (v) suffragia accipit.
Start Up: responde Latine ad has quaestiones (p. 182-3): 1. cui agricolae favent?   2. cui mercatores favent?   3. cui pistores credunt?   4. cui iuvenes credunt?   5. cui fures credunt?   6. cui fures favent?
loquere Latine de sententiis exemplaribus 
audite "Marcus et Quartus" tell the story out loud while they work through first 9 questions, then allow them time to work on 10-18
go through section by section with comprehension questions and discussion in Latin
homework: study (vocabulary, Ex. A derivatives, AND model sentences)

1a. ancilla puellae statuam dat. "The slave-girl gives a statue to a girl."
1b. ancillae puellis statuas dant. "The slave-girls give statues to girls."
2a. amicus servo anulum dabat. "The friend was giving a ring to a slave."
2b. amici servis anulos dabant. "The friends were giving rings to slaves."
3a. mater mercatori infantem dedit. "The mother gave her baby to a merchant."
3b. matres mercatoribus infantes dederunt. "The mothers gave their babies to merchants."

start up: clear desk 
when done, responde Latine (de fabula Marcus et Quartus)
1. cui Marcus favet? cur?
2. cui Quartus favet? cur?
3. cui familia Tulliana favet?
4. cur Quartus Sullae pecuniam dat?
5. Sullaene placet?
6. titulusne Marco placet? cur/cur non?
review Marcus et Quartus and verbs that take dative
Start reading "Sulla"
translate "Sulla" into English

Brainhoney Quiz: "Verbs that take the Dative"