5th Grade Intro to Latin > Week 9

Monday (Ca and Mg)
Do Now: timed write... Caecilius leaves his house and visits various places around Pompeii (5 min.) - use labeled map for help.  Also, helpful words: ad = to/towards, ambulat = walks
What does he do in these places?  Does he see someone?  Write as many words as you can!
focus on negotium agit, argentarius, tonsor, venalicius
use map that we colored last week to elicit a narrative about where a character is
transition to "in foro" story... circling - use the picture to focus on who the characters are... matching names to occupation
HW: PTL 2 p. 33 (nom/acc practice and vocab review)

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: 1. turn in homework. 2. "Who's Who?" as a review of characters and nom/acc... skip #5 and 13 (b/c haven't seen Melissa yet)
PowerPoint of "in foro" - told all but last paragraph (venalicius waiting for mercator) yesterday in class, so this is part review and partially new 
focus on negotium agit, argentarius, tonsor, venalicius, and artifex
after going through PPT, students respond to follow up questions on white boards: 1. ubi est Caecilius?  2. primum, quem Caecilius salutat? (new type of question here)  3. secundum, quem Caecilius salutat?  4. Caeciliusne venalicium salutat?  5. quem venalicius exspectat?  6. mecatorne venit?  7. Syphax laetus aut iratus? 

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: "Stage 3 Snake Sentences" worksheet (#3 includes habet, #4 is intransitive, #6 includes optimus/optimum choice)
artifex story... lines 1-8 (reinforcing venit, ad, artifex) - draw simple plan of house on white board.  Read lines 1-5... where is everyone?  If they move, places, draw arrows
short adjective activity with magnus/parvus, laetus/iratus if time
Happy Fall Break!