Latin I > Week VIII

Start Up: you have 20 minutes to complete the Stage 5 test composition (you can use your book and notes, not each other)

start up: "The Ghost" by Plautus (excerpt from DVD)
review Roman comedy: history of (Livius Andronicus, etc.), stage set up, typical type of comedy, stock characters, comedic devices
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (first 20 minutes - up to Lykus' house)
pass out worksheet (from ACL)
Brainhoney Quiz: Stage 3 Extra Credit (one attempt, up to 10 points on your Stage 3 test)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum through 53:00 (after Miles Gloriosus and exchange with sailor)
go over questions 1-6, 9-13 on sheet
Brainhoney Quiz: Stage 4 Extra Credit (one attempt, up to 10 points on your Stage 4 test)

finish "A Funny Thing..."
Brainhoney Quizzes: "Slaves and Freedmen" and Stage 5 Extra Credit (one attempt, up to 10 points on your Stage 5 test)

start up: show ppt of just five pics from intro. sentences ("first day") and students compose a story in Latin (give verba auxilia: ambulat, canis, via, pulsat, petit, latrat, perterritus, contendit/festinat, mordet = eat)
Show Stage 6 introduction with powerpoint of intro. sentences... elicit questions about the tense.  Use subito and emphasize momentary nature of perfect tenses.
explain imperfect and perfect (use "roll" hand gesture and clap to illustrate) as we go through intro. sentences powerpoint again
Brainhoney Quiz: "Tense Identification" <-- should have been "Tense Recognition (ATL p. 93)"

start up: "Perfect Practice" worksheet (from binder) parts I and II
go over I and II and take them through III and IV

"pugna" - print out story sentences on three different colored sheets of paper, cut and randomly hand out.
using white boards, students draw a picture depicting the sentence (give two minutes) 
turn to someone next to you and describe picture (not using your slip of paper)... very simple, 15 seconds each.
tell students to remember what color their papers were, then crumple up and throw away the slips of paper
have students find others with same colored paper... then allow five minutes to put their pictures in order (cannot speak in English, hand gestures okay - put Latin cardinal and ordinal numerals on board)
first group to do so up at front of room and go through story... others check
with any time left, review new vocab of story (postulat, pistor, panem, incitat, festinat, superat, agitat, contentio, cum)

Brainhoney Quiz: "Tense Recognition (ATL p. 93)"