5th Grade Intro to Latin > Week 8

Monday (Ca / Mg)
Do Now: clear desk

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: Read "The town of Pompeii" on p. 33 in packet you got yesterday and answer these two questions in your notes:
(1) How many miles was Pompeii away from Mt. Vesuvius?
(2) Name the four towns p. 34 says were close to Pompeii

 - map of Bay of Naples (label Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Bay of Naples, Italy
first minute of this video to see what the whole city looks like
flip over to map of Pompeii... go back to p. 34 to see map and label
Show rest of video while they label/color map
Show "A Day in Pompeii" video to show eruption while they finish labeling/coloring
Show video reproduction of a typical Pompeiian house (similar to Caecilius' house)

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: "in pompeii" worksheet - labeling parts of town
LEGO Pompeii