Latin I > Week VII

Do Now: write a story in which a friend comes to visit Caecilius (focus on # of words... don't stress about spelling and if you don't know a word, don't use it - LOW STRESS)
I walk around and praise for length and the papers that include accusative case endings
stop after 5 minutes and pass out worksheet with all/most of action verbs we know
review all verb movements we know to refresh memory
give three minutes for all to fill out action verbs' English meanings (as well as you can... don't look up anything)
switch papers and go over meanings... partner puts check mark or writes in correct answer (go over nouns at bottom of sheet as well)
now, three more minutes to add to story
stop and switch papers... count words... 20? 30? 40? 50?  brag on each other
now, underline all nouns and pass back
what nouns did we use?  Write on board, but do so in two columns (w/o labeling the columns)... amicus?  good... did anyone write amicum at some point?  Write that in second column
build up a good list (10-12 words)
So, are amicus and amicum the same word?  Yes, they are... so, why the different ending?  Get volunteer to say direct object
This is called Nominative and Accusative Case... fill out back of verbs worksheet that has two columns "The Nominative Case is the __subject__ of the sentence" "The Accusative Case is...."
with any time remaining... everyone packs up and do lightning round of nouns... kids decide whether nominative or accusative

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: "Which answers are possible?" (pass out worksheet with this and "Nominative or Accusative?" "Who does the action? Who or what receives it?" and "amicus Grumionem visitat"
go over actions and vocabulary
transition to story... remember what happened, now translate into English lines 7-9 of "in triclinio" on p. 20 (3 min.)
for lines 10-12, I read slowly and students act out verbs to follow along with story (teach actions for delectat, videt, spectat, cenat)
for lines 13-14, focus on delectat. 
Noun cases: "Nominative or Accusative?" worksheet
Lightning round with various words
explain homework
HW: Sentence Writing (my own worksheet)

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: "Who does the action?"
Review vocabulary and nom/acc
amicus Grumionem visitat (put in order, then write caption)
Study for test on Monday!