Latin I > Week VI 

start up: Most Missed "Subject/Verb Agreement (Part II)"
in basilica comprehension questions
1. ubi est iudex?  2. quis est Pompeianus?  3. quid Caecilius in urbe agit?   4. cur Caecilius ad basilicam venit?   5. cur Hermogenes clamat "mendax!"?   6. quid Hermogenes in urbe agit?  7. quomodo Hermogenes rem probat?   8. cur Caecilius clamat, "amicus est mendax!"  9. quomodo Caecilius rem probat?  10. cur Hermogenes anulum celat?   11. cur iudex Hermogenem convincit?

Forum map activity (allow 20 minutes... go through map quickly on board while in class, then go outside with flashcards and divide into groups of 10))
Brainhoney Quiz: "PTL Ex. B (p.60) (subject/verb agreement)"

start up: finish comprehension questions from in basilica
review questions and 1st/2nd person verbs
review for test (look at Stage 3 test)
Brainhoney Quiz: "
Grumio et leo" OPTIONAL for extra practice

Start Up: clear desk

"Funny Thing... slip" (due Friday)
Brainhoney Quiz: 
"The Theater at Pompeii

Start Up: create list of vocabulary useful in discussing picture on overhead (Ecce Ch. 31; in via) 
consolidate knowledge using picture (quis est? moving to quid ____ agit?) After a comfort level is reached and we've maximized the descriptors, begin dialogue of: ¨Quot puellae/ancillae/feminae/agricolae sunt? Una puella est? duae puellae sunt (hold up fingers and emphasize plural) â€¨Quot pueri/argentarii/coqui/populi sunt? Unus puer est? Duo pueri sunt? etc. ¨Quot homines/iuvenes/canes/senes sunt? Unus homo est? Duo homines sunt? etc. Multi?
After initial comfort level, elicit totae sententiae
NOW, look at model sentences p. 70-71 to see endings we've been saying ¨repeat basic idea from above, but use action verbs now... Quot puellae ambulant/stant/cibum emunt/sedent/aliquid portant? una puella ambulat? duae puellae ambulant? 
NOW, look at model sentences p. 72-73 to see endings we've been saying 
¨carefully read A-D pp. 75-76. Complete E on p. 76 (translate sentences)

"Funny Thing... slip" due tomorrow
Brainhoney Quiz: "Nominative and Accusative"

"Funny Thing... slip" due TODAY
Start Up: Based on what we did yesterday, create a plural version of each model sentence (write singular on board with space for plural)
show "new" model sentences:
1a. ancilla statuam amat. "The slave girl likes the statue."
1b. ancillae statuam amant. "The slave girls like the statue."
2a. amicus anulum amat. "The friend likes the ring."
2b. amicī anulum amant. "The friends like the ring."
3a. mater infantem amat. "The mother loves (her) baby."
3b. matrēs infantem amant. "The mothers love the baby."
review the plural forms and emphasize declension concept to solidify previous stages.
review pp. 70-73 if needed
powerpoint of "actores" and emphasize new plural forms and new words (write plaudit, otiosus and its antonym occupatus, agricola, pastor, nauta, contendit and rough synonym ruit - add pics for each)

Brainhoney Quiz: "Noun Identification"