5th Grade Intro to Latin > Week 5

Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday / Wednesday
Do Now: questions re: 1-4 ppt.  1. quid Caecilius agit?  2. quid amicus agit?  3. quid Metella agit? 4. quid amicus agit?
continue on with PowerPoint of model sentences (Q&A Latine (circle salutat, amicus and direct objects with answers supplied "quem amicus salutat? "canem aut servum?" etc.; 11-20 Q&A)
review of salutat and amicus (discuss patron/client relationship with Calcium)
check progress reports (now, 80% on HW assignment... if not today, then 0%)
Homework: Practicing the Language worksheet

Thursday / Friday
Do Now: turn in PTL homework, write in CJ, and draw simple outline of Caecilius' house on white board (show example)
to begin... model drawing stick figure at door of villa (and write "A") on top of head (change to "M" when we found out he's a mercator)
model drawing arrow as mercator moves through house... add Caecilius, Clemens stick figures as needed

mercator story... teacher reads aloud expressively for understanding... students draw and show
use physical actions to demonstrate verbs/vocabulary
circle vocabulary in preparation for vocab quiz on Monday
follow up with AM worksheet on which students pick maximum of 2 Latin sentences from story to caption each picture (finish after quiz on Monday if needed)
Go over PTL exercise (show on board)
Study for Vocabulary Quiz on Monday!  Remember to wear your bulla for an extra credit point!