Latin I > Week IV

Monday (Ca / Mg) 
Do Now: clear desk
when done, give worksheet with bulla outline and directions on it
When done with that, give name sheet and pick name... turn into Mr. Yaggy at end of class with bulla cut out

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: What is your full given/birth name?  Does your name (or a part of it) mean anything in another language?  Are you named after someone?  What is the story of your name?
relate to Roman naming... praenomen, nomen, cognomen.  Reveal the 5th grade gens "nomen" and the element "cognomen"
bulla making (cutting out the metal sheet and embossing the design)
Nominalia Ceremony... print out certificates and fill in names... call forward each student and say "ego tibi nomen do." and present the certificate and the leather string to tie bulla on
birth certificate
give out mid-G1 progress reports

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: Get out 1 notecard and write full Latin name (___ Claudius Albus/Lepidus) on one half (to create a pyramidal name plaque while we get acquainted.
Finish birth certificates and ceremony
Call roll to work through names and also to record signed progress reports.
Stage 2 "in villa"... powerpoint with
(1) just pics of 1-4... for each, write every Latin word you can think of to describe it (e.g. Caecilius, pater, in atrio, lararium, stat)
 - intermission to review the 12 Latin verbs we know actions for (stat, sedet, bibit, salit, latrat, circumspectat, laborat, scribit, legit, dormit, stertit, surgit)
(2) pics with captions of 1-4 to show accusatives... don't mention the grammatical concept (10 second lesson if asked).  Focus on vocabulary (salutat)
(3) just pics of 5-10 (same deal)
(4) pics with captions of 5-10 (same deal)... new vocab (salutat) again