Latin I > Week III

Monday (Ca and Mg)
Do Now: clear desk for quiz
when done with quiz, complete "Stage 1 verum aut falsum" worksheet (actions and who does what)
review verum aut falsum
follow up with "Where in the house?" (I read and they pick.. from AM)

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: read the story "Cerberus" on p. 6 silently
project "House of Pompeii (from p. 13)" on board and illustrate story... where people are using pictures of each family member
Make cut outs of the 7 members of the Caecilius household and use magnets to stick to board.  Pass out one of each to each student
While I read story aloud, students use cut outs and recreate visual of story on worksheet of house.
New verbs: circumspectat, latrat, salit, stat... come up with actions
review homework from last week (Practicing the Language p. 7)

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: in the bellwork section of your binder, write your own Latin story:
1. pick a member of Caecilius' family
2. start at ianua
3. visit a room and perform an action
4. visit another room and perform a different action
5. visit the triclinium and perform an action that is appropriate for that room
Count words... mistakes will happen... this is about # of words.  Who wrote most?
partner up with person at table and switch papers... translate the story into English out loud for the person who wrote it to hear?  Was it the same story you were trying to write?
Review all actions, especially new verbs: circumspectat, latrat, salit, stat... (with movements)
take pre-test to see format and discuss how to study