5th Grade Intro to Latin > Week 14

Monday (Ca/Mg)
Do Now: # paper 1-6 and answer the questions for each picture
review vocabulary and include magister et discipulus. 
"nunc, ego sum magister." "quid ego ago (punctuate ego and -o)?"  "ita, ego linguam Latinam doceo!  quis es tu???"  "ita, TU es discipulus!"  "TU linguam Latinam discis!"
Stage 4 Intro and model sentences
go through dialogue with each other (quis es tu?  ego sum discipulus. and reverse)
pick a character (don't tell anyone).  Go around room and find three other characters (and write down who is who)
1) quis es tu?
2) ego sum _descriptor_ ("venalicius" not name)
3) tu es _name_? ("Syphax," e.g.)
4) ita, ego sum Syphax

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: "Who am I?" from AM
review and follow up with 3 additional examples (look through previous stories). 
Decide which one is the best/hardest and write it "ego ____. quis ego sum?" on a white board
Go around room and respond to them.
"quid ego sum?" powerpoint
"quid ego ago?" powerpoint
hand out GP2 progress reports
With any extra time... "tu es Grumio.  quid tu agis?"   "ego cenam coquo." etc.

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: "What are you doing?"
Review do now
use pictures of characters and ask "quis ego sum?" or "quid ego ago?" (write answers on paper)
play "quis habet..."
explain and give example: "quis pennam habet?"  All students with penna stand up.  I follow up individually with "tu pennam habes?"  student responds "ita, ego pennam habeo."
talk to those sitting down as well so they can say  "ego non pennam habeo" 
[other items: liber, capellus (hat), penna (pen), pictura, canis, feles, ampulla aquae, pecunia, navis, soror, frater, piscis]
do same, but with verb phrases: quis cenam optimam coquit?  celerrime currit? picturam pulchram pingit?  suaviter cantat? versus scurriles recitat?
quis est probus?
IF TIME: write a 5-line EGO story in perspective of your favorite character (ego villam intro.  ego Metellam saluto.  ego ancillam video.  ego cenam consumo.  ego dormio.)
new words in Hermogenes story: argentaria, Graecus, probus, Graecia, reddo, tamen, semper, anulus, signum, cera, imprimo, currit, tradit, capit, basilica
old vocab in need of reinforcement: habet, quaerit