Latin I > Week XII

Start Up: animal ferox quaestiones
give 15 minutes, go over the first several and work on the rest together
30-second drawings.... pick 5-6 sentences with difficult vocabulary, recite the sentences and the students draw a 30 second pic
we compare... focus on vocal.  If students largely miss an element of a sentence, use a correct example and allow more time to correct

Start Up: verb form practice worksheet
Metella et Melissa
Brainhoney Quiz: "Metella et Melissa quaestiones"

Start Up: most missed
Look at the Stage 6 Test
review for test 

start up: clear desk
Homework: "
Gladiatorial Shows, Animal Hunts, and The Riots at Pompeii"

start up: 
hand out worksheet with new model sentences: 

1a. ancilla statuam amat. "The slave-girl likes the statue."
1b. ancillae statuas amant. "The slave-girls like the statues."
2a. amicus anulum amabat. "The friend was liking the ring."
2b. amici anulos amabant. "The friends were liking the rings."
3a. mater infantem amavit. "The mother liked the baby."
3b. matres infantes amaverunt. "The mothers liked the babies."

Homework: "Translating Verbs