5th Grade Into to Latin > Week 12

Monday (Ca and Mg)
STAGE 3 VOCABULARY QUIZ II (ad, clamat, ecce, et, exspectat, iratus, leo, magnus, navis, ridet, taberna; model sentences)
After the quiz, read p. 32 and complete Ex. A on “Declension of Nouns” worksheet
follow up with Ex. C
discuss noun declensions
"venalicius" vocabulary
HW: "Declension of Nouns" worksheet

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: "venalicius" picture.. match words to pictures (on handout from last week)
review noun declensions... what declension is each word up there? 
timed write: 5 minutes... count words
follow up with writing "Caecilius" on board and eliciting 10 sentences from students' writings that start with Caecilius (really allows us to practice accusative case endings)
put head down on table and close eyes... show # fingers for declension # of word I call out.  Something else tactile for nom/acc (stand up/squat)

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now:
Review for test (noun declensions, nom/acc cases, vocabulary)
Study for your test!