Latin I > Week XI

start up: most missed (from perf. tense form review)
continue working on "decens" group work (actors put on story at end of class)
Brainhoney Quiz: "PTL Ex. A p. 112 Verb Choice)"

Start Up: review work on Decens
Decens assessment
general review by way of translating Decens out loud in class
at end... so, what do you think really happened to Decens???  Slave conspiracy theory

Start Up: most missed
drill subject/verb agreement hard... review ego . . . ____o, tu . . . ____s, amicus . . . ____t, amici . . . ____nt
discuss p. 107... that the subject does not always need to be expressed
post cenam as a progress check... give 10 minutes to translate
after 10 minutes, switch papers with a partner and very clearly correct as we go through the translation together as a class.
after the 1st paragraph, switch the papers back and review corrections.. what sorts of things are you missing?
go through the 2nd paragraph together... all eyes on the board

Brainhoney Quiz: "post cenam quaestiones"

start up: most missed (review of post cenam)

animal ferox - cartoons
no Brainhoney Quiz this weekend