5th Grade Intro to Latin > Week 11

Monday (Ca and Mg)
Calcium turns in "picturae" HW
STAGE 3 VOCABULARY QUIZ I (bibit, circumspectat, exit, ianua, non, portat, respondet, salve, surgit, videt, and vinum)
when done, "Sententias comple!" (about tonsor)… lots of vocab review (sella, novaculum, barba, versus, scurrilis, ridet, secat, fluit are still very new)
Show model sentences… write down… stress how important they are
1. ancilla statuam amat. = "The slave-girl likes the statue."
2. amicus anulum amat. = "The friend likes the ring."
3. mater infantem amat. = "The mother loves her baby."

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: label artifex and tonsor picture with the supplied vocabulary (worksheet… venalicius is on back)
review vocabulary and transition to venalicius
have selected students label words on “artifex” picture on white board… check accuracy, then describe picture in Latin.  Then, one-by-one, have selected kids contribute one descriptive sentence… see how many sentences can be offered before we mistakenly repeat an idea.  Then, do that with the “tonsor” picture
"venalicius" - show video... new vocab for focus: portus, navis, prope, quaerit, habet, contentus, emit
As you watch the video, write down words that are unfamiliar… be patient with yourself… we’ll watch it a couple times, don’t worry about missing a word and don’t worry if you don’t write down every one of them.
After first viewing, elicit 3-4 words and model their use/context with Latin (e.g., delectat… “brocolii me NON delectat… quem Melissa delectat?  Quem Melissa NON delectat?)
After second viewing, elicit 2-3 more words and do the same thing.
test model sentences (give two minutes to study and then test what they’ve memorized)
HW: PTL 1 (p. 33)

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: 1. Turn in homework.  2. "Clara, Pantagathus, Syphax" worksheet (vocab review)
review the 5-6 vocab words they isolated in the previous class from "venalicius"
test model sentences and remind of vocabulary on quiz
show video again and consolidate vocabulary
"verum aut falsum" on venalicius to review
Study for Vocabulary Quiz (words: ad, clamat, ecce, et, exspectat, iratus, leo, magnus, navis, ridet, taberna) - remember MODEL SENTENCES