5th Grade Intro to Latin > Week 10

Monday (Ca and Mg)
Do Now: match vocab to picture: artifex, fustis, verberat, tenet, fortis, Hercules
show picture of "artifex" (p. 29) - does anyone recognize the myth? On white boards, write as many vocab words as you can that apply to the picture
review together... write on board... show
write story in notes about picture (no peeking in book!)
test vocabulary just learned... transition to story and focus on ad villam/ad ianuam, pulsat, aperit, ducit, picturam pingit, magnus/parvus
"verum aut falsum" worksheet (Clara/artifex section only) 
reinforcement activity with magnus/parvus and laetus/iratus (review), fortis/ignavus (new-ish)
new focus vocabulary: petit and tenet
HW: picturae with adjectives and other vocab (cut out/print out and paste pics to represent each word) - DUE FRIDAY (Mg) / MONDAY (Ca)

Tuesday (Ca) / Wednesday (Mg)
Do Now: 
new vocab: occupatus, in sella, novaculum, intente, scurrilis, perterritus, barba, senex, secat
give out mid-GP progress reports
Remember that the homework (picturae) is due MONDAY

Thursday (Ca) / Friday (Mg)
Do Now: 1. (Mg) Turn in homework  2. verum aut falsum sentences (based on AM worksheet with "leo magnum fustem tenet." added)
go through answer to each one (but not correcting)... then go back through with white boards... change one word to make it a true statement
"tonsor" comprehension questions - go over
go over what vocab from the checklist will be on the quiz
Study for Vocabulary Quiz (words: bibit, circumspectat, exit, ianua, non, portat, respondet, salve, surgit, videt, and vinum)