Latin I > Week X

start up: without looking at your book, provide a one sentence caption to each picture of the "Felix et fur" worksheet (6.4)
draw boxes on the board, and elicit responses from students.  Be sure to write the verbs in present tense (students most likely will do this already)
After going through the captions, review the concepts of:
-ba- is the rule for imperfect tense
-v- is the rule for perfect tense.
Then, go through and elicit the perfect tense version for each verb on the board (but skip the verbs w/o comment whose perfect forms don't follow the -v- pattern)
when done, ask what the rule is in English... "___ed" then say, right, like "runned" and "swimmed" and "teached" etc.... the kids will get the point that we have a rule in English, but there are exceptions and even patterns to those exceptions (ran, swam, drank; taught, caught, bought; etc.)
Have them write the following on their notes for today:
"The rule for the perfect tense is -V-"
"except when it is...."
show the Stage 7 model sentences powerpoint... do the hand motions for imperfect and perfect, and the kids' job is to fill in the above sentence with three letters of the alphabet.
the various captions on the powerpoint will reveal -X- (inspexit), -S- (hausit, plausit, discessit), and -U- (aperuerunt).
tell them to write the letters down but not to say them out loud... see if they can figure them out and go over
consolidate... discuss format of verbs on Vocabulary Checklist and mention derivatives (see Wednesday's schedule)
Brainhoney Quiz: "
Noun Case Review"

start up: most missed on noun case review
use verb forms as a chance to review alternate perfect forms
write verba auxilia on the board for vocabulary-focused lesson to prep for "fabula mirabilis": nox, luna plena, silva, centurio, lupus, versipellis; lucet: luxit, deponit: deposuit, evanit: evanuit, apparet: apparuit, ululat: ululavit, iacet: iacuit; caute
go through the meanings of these words and hand out white boards and markers
draw picture using as many of those nouns and actions as possible - 5 min.
find a partner and explain/narrate picture in 60 seconds... switch and fill up 60 seconds again
do it again, but this time use all past tense verbs
erase and divide white board in half.  Draw what I read (repeat liberally)
1st half is lines 1-2... acts as a warm up with its limited action and content
w/o white board, read aloud and Q&A on lines 3-7
on 2nd half of white board, draw what I read (again, repeat liberally)... we got through lines 8-12 (lupus apparuit)... use gestures to help
Brainhoney Quiz: "
ATL II: Alternate Perfect Forms" (using verbs from part B of 7.6 in addition to p. 111)

start up: 
homework: study (vocab [including both forms of each verb], derivatives from p. 119 [lachrymose, pulchritude, tacit, internecine, propinquity, facsimile, omnipotent], and model sentences)

start up: clear desks 

Brainhoney Quiz:  "ATL II: Alternate Perfect Forms (Translation)"

start up: 
Brianhoney Quiz: "
perfect tense form review"