9th Grade Latin II > Week 2


Read Fabius and Minucius
Review for test (provide practice exam)

Chapter 41 Test

Do Now: What is wrong, if anything, with these sentences: 1. May the force be with you.  2. If I were a rich man . . . 3. I demanded that he leave.  4. I wish that I were a little bit taller.
Show the verb phrase without the context... look like bad grammar?  Not in context... remnants of the subjunctive in English.  In each case, the subjunctive action is not a fact (I demanded, yes; but, does he actually leave?  I wish, yes; but am I taller?  Is the force actually with you?  No, but I hope it is).
Quick run down of Latin subjunctives we will meet: purpose ("I went to the store to buy pickles."), result (yo' mama), indirect command (Mr. Yaggy told me to defenestrate myself), conditions (If I were a rich man, I would buy a private plane), cum clauses (When I leave, I'll join the Navy.")... all those have a subordinate clause.  
In with all of those examples, the subjunctive in Latin is (a) almost always in subordinate clauses
EXCEPT, the first use we will meet is like, "May the force be with you." ... no clause, just a main verb not stating a fact.  This is called the hortatory
So, here's the second definition of the subjunctive in Latin... it is (b) shoulda, woulda, coulda... probability, futurity, uncertainty
Subjunctive introduction... just like in English, Latin changes their verbs slightly (at least in the present tense) to put them in the subjunctive MOOD.
Show wE bEAt All gIAnt lIArs and practice with forms on white boards... practice translating with "let"
Buzz Quizzes: Present Active Subjunctive and Present Passive Subjunctive (mult. choice)

Do Now:  Read examples of the imperfect subjunctive in textbook packet, now conjugate consisto, consistere in the imperfect subjunctive (active only)
discuss the other tenses
use white boards to practice (see synopses exercises in textbook packet)
Buzz Quizzes: Present Active Subjunctive and Present Passive Subjunctive (fill-in-the-blank)