8th Grade Latin I > Week 5

School Holiday

pass out sheet on tablet norms/expectations
Do Now: DCP
Stage 21 Model Sentences (use Buzz quiz on tablets to follow up)
Keep participles simple... try to elicit the question about what they are
fons sacer (read individually for 10 minutes... buzz quiz to assess understanding
Buzz Quizzes: (1) Noun Case Practice, (2) Translation Practice 

Do Now: DCP
review most missed
review fons sacer most missed items (genitive phrases, participle phrases)
Lucius Marcius Memor - with partner, read and answer Buzz quiz comp questions
study for vocabulary quiz

Do Now: clear desk for quiz
senator advenit
Buzz Quizzes: (1) ATL I: Perfect Passive Participles, (2) senator advenit comprehension questions