10th Grade Latin > Week 13

Gaming the Pro Caelio
A few characters have secretly plotted an assassination attempt on another character at the dinner party that Clodia is throwing, so we are playing Clue.
6 players maximum at each game (Ptolemy isn't attending the dinner, so he won't be playing)
Need 3 copies of Clue (1 student from each of 6 characters at each board game).  All three games happen at the same time.
If either of the two conspirators wins 2 of the 3 games, the character targeted is assassinated.
If the target of the assassination wins any of the 3 games, he/she survives the attempt.
Cicero = Professor Plum, Clodia = Mrs. Scarlett, Pompey = Col. Mustard, Catullus = Mr. Green (w/ envy), Caelius = Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White = Dio
Be sure to explain rules to everyone all at once

Pro Caelio Section 7
Buzz Quiz: Section 7

Pro Caelio Section 8 (just first part)
Section 10 (Catiline)
Buzz Quiz: Section 8

Section 10 (part 1)
Buzz Quiz: Section 10 (part 1)

Gaming the Pro Caelio (aftermath of dinner party)